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Our Flower

We grow small batches of craft cannabis throughout the year.


Send us an email to find out where you can find our flower as it changes periodically. 

Passenger Pigeon

As the Vermont recreational market was about to open we came across some seeds in storage with no label and decided to give them a go. Turned out to be a gem! Not available on the market but placed 3rd in the Indica flower category 2022. Check out the strain review at Heady Vermont.


Blueberry Muffins

This indica-dominant strain lives up to it's name with a pleasant flavor profile that resembles fresh baked blueberry muffins with hints of nuts and vanilla. Relaxes the mind and body, this is a great choice for stress, pain or wanting to wind down after a long day.

Old Growth OG

 This strain offers a relaxing high and is an excellent mood booster. It's profile consists of a spicy pepper and woody scent followed by a diesel flavor with floral undertones. 


Hella Jelly

We are greeting spring with a fresh harvest of Hella Jelly. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) bred from Very Cherry X Notorious THC). A sweet and fruity flavor with a sour finish. Hella Jelly provides an energetic and focused high while easing muscle aches but not sinking you into the couch.

Grimm Glue

50% Indica, 50% Sativa bred from Baby Gluey X C99. Skunky and cedarwood aroma. Cerebral and physical effects making it a nice end of day smoke. Happy, uplifting and relaxing. 


Distillate Cartridges

Limited edition distillate vape cartridges with added terpenes for enhanced flavor.


We are proud to partner with the talented chefs at Tir Na Nog Edibles to bring you amazing  gummies made with high quality ingredients. 

Pear Honey         Coming Soon!

Lemon Thyme
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